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Prepping Little Ones before your Family Photo Shoot

September 12, 2019

Since I’m going to be meeting with 20+ of you in the coming months, I thought It might be a perfect time to do a little blog post on prepping your kids before your family photo shoot!

Often times the idea of a photoshoot brings up a little anxiety – let’s face it most of us are not models! But here’s the thing…you don’t need to be! The best photos are of you playing with your little ones, laughing and smiling and just having a good time together. I always aim to get those perfectly posed photos, but the “lifestyle photography” approach that I love so much, is to photograph you and your family in your element just being yourselves. Every families dynamic is so different and my goal is to capture that by the end of our session together.

Ready to talk prepping your littles?! Let’s do it!

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  1. Talk to your kids before about the photo shoot. 
    • Let them know what will be happening a few week before and start getting them excited for our time of “play” together! You can even pretend play in the house with you taking photos of them. Sometimes even getting a little toy camera of Amazon is just what they need to get excited and understand what will be happening! Here is a super sweet camera toy option: Camera
  2. Have everyone fed and napped if possible.
    • Some extra fav snacks always are great too! Be sure to stay away from any food that may color their lips or teeth. 🙂 I’ll touch more on this in a minute.
    • Ideally you don’t want your toddler to nap in the car prior. 
  3. Lots of water!
    • Extra water bottles or milk are always important to have, especially on a hot summer day outdoors!
  4. Bribes and snacks
    • This one we all know about… 🙂 Sometimes our littles need a little extra push to get through an unknown task like a photoshoot. Some of the best snacks that you can bring are ones that won’t color their mouths or cause discoloration of the teeth. A few favorites are “Smarties”, “Cheerios”, “Fruit snacks” and “Yogurt melts”. I’ve found that when I hold the candy or snack before we take the pictures, we can usually get our money shots and then they can have their tasty reward and they are more open to the play time portion of the shoot.
  5. Your child’s natural smile
    • Sometimes we cross our fingers that the good ol’ saying “SAY CHEESE!” will get our little one to smile nicely. Unfortunately this usually leads to a forced smile that isn’t as genuine. During our session I will guide you on how to help me with your little one so that we can get those sweet shots you are looking for.
  6. Stay Positive and have fun
    • My goal as your family photographer is to capture your littles and you in your element. There will be lots of playing, tickling and giggles. It is normal that your little one will be exploring all over…and this is OK! The best outlook to have is “positivity” and to relax as best as you can during the session. You are amazing. Your kids are amazing. Your partner is amazing. Now let’s go make some magic!

Need a little styling assistance? Sure thing! I have created a curated Pinterest board to help you style your family in a cohesive way for the best possible portraits. I’m happy to assist any way I can as well!

Fall Family Outfit Pinterest Board

Spring/ Summer Outfit Pinterest Board

Want to have your wardrobe styled for you for a reasonable price? I can’t recommend Maria of “Styled by Risso” enough! She has styled my personally as well as so many Connecticut locals and beyond. You can find Maria, here!

I look forward to meeting you and photographing your family! Still need to get those family photos? Don’t hesitate to reach out and get your session booked! You can contact me at

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