Whether it be a vibrant portrait session in the busy city, a romantic couples session at sunset at your favorite beach, or family portraits on a perfect sunny day in the park. I'm here to celebrate YOU and capture your best moments in a lovely and inspiring way. I believe that every person has a special story to tell and it's my goal to capture your authenticity through my camera lens. I'm a lover of love, kiddo and baby enthusiast (is that a thing? Because oh my goodness, if it is - this is me!), and true blue all American girl who loves to meet new people and capture them in a bright and cheerful way. I can't wait to meet you and capture your unique story!

every person has a unique and beautiful story to tell.
I'm passionate about photographing yours in a authentic and
 true to you way.

authentic. lovely. beautiful you.

I'M mindy! 
wife, dog mom and lifestyle photographer on the northeasT.

hello, lovely!

 I've always been a lover of photography and have been so amazed at the power of how much a photo can speak without using any words.

 As a travel obsessed gal who recently moved across the country with her hubby and two pups, I've been having a blast photographing people places and things that move me and have a unique story to share. 

I'm a born and raised California girl who loves the sunshine, ocean air and clean modern vibes. I have a degree in Interior Design (aka: a million Art classes taken in college) and have a deeply rooted passion for Art in all forms. I'm always up for a good chat about design, architecture, art or anything history related. I was raised in a city right outside of Yosemite National Park, so the big trees, mountains, and a pair of hiking boots are always calling my name.

I'm a sucker for a cute coffee shop, a perfectly baked scone, spontaneous travel plans, and getting lost in a Museum.  I truly love meeting new people wherever I go. My husband, Cameron, always jokes that no matter where we travel to I always walk away with a phone number and a new friend - I can't help it, there are so many interesting people in this world! I believe in being open to life, taking risks, and never losing your authenticity of your unique and beautiful you.