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Whether it be a vibrant portrait session in the busy city, a romantic couples session at sunset at your favorite beach, or family portraits on a perfect sunny day in the park. I'm here to celebrate YOU and capture your best moments in a lovely and inspiring way. I believe that every person has a special story to tell and it's my goal to capture your authenticity through my camera lens. I'm a lover of love, kiddo and baby enthusiast (is that a thing? Because oh my goodness, if it is - this is me!), and true blue all American girl who loves to meet new people and capture them in a bright and cheerful way. I can't wait to meet you and capture your unique story!

I'm Mindy, and I love, love.

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I have a B.A in Interior Design - I always thought it would be cool to restore historical buildings and homes!

Disney movies and Levain Bakery cookies!

JCrew, Talbots, Joules, Homegoods and local makers!

Baton Twirling thanks to summer camp in 1994. lol

Give me ALL the ocean waves! 

Yellow by Coldplay. If you haven't gone to one of their concerts, It's a must do! What an experience.

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The Mindy Briar Photography team has a true passion for a good love story. They strive to make your perfect day as joyful, relaxed and heartfelt as possible. Our team is friendly and professional and we promise to give it our all as we photograph the biggest day of your lives - we know personally what an incredible day this is for you two!

We’re not your typical photographers.


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You've been planning for months and the time has finally come for you two to officially become one. This day is all about you two and we are also ALL about you two! We know how fast this day can go and it's important to us that you know that we are there for you you every step of the way. We love, love just as much as you do and can't wait to watch you say "I do".

You’re never gonna get this moment back.




Sure,  you may not have been on America's Top Model - but guess what? Most of our clients haven't either. :) We are all about photographing you in a natural/lifestyle approach way, that will show your unique couple personality! Still feeling nervous? Don't worry, we've got your back. We will guide you through some different prompts and poses that will help you naturally look your very best. We promise that by the end of your session you will be feeling more confident in your own skin and even more excited for your big day.

You *are* totally, entirely photogenic.

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Our team strives on positivity and being kind to others. We are all about our clients and we promise to be giggling and smiling along with you during your celebration! Wedding Photography is our heart and soul and we are truly honored and excited to get to know you two and photograph the biggest day of your lives!

We’re going to have serious fun together.

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“ Mindy is professional, responsive, fun, outgoing, friendly and helps you feel comfortable in front of the camera.”



“Mindy is an amazing photographer with a lot of talent and such a warm, easy-going personality.We had such a fun time and wish our shoot was longer.”


I LOVE, love. Photographing two people in love gives me chills of excitement! I love capturing sweet in the moment interactions between a couple. Let's dream up your perfect engagement session...a sunset at the beach, a fun downtown date, an adventurous hike to a castle? All of the above and then some - I'm always down for an adventure and can't wait to hear all about your love story.


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I'm a born and raised California girl who loves the sunshine, ocean air and modern vibes. I have a degree in Interior Design (aka: a million Art classes taken in college) and have a true passion for Art in all forms. As a travel obsessed gal who recently moved across the country with her hubby and two pups, I've been having a blast photographing people, places and things that move me and have a unique story to share. My hubby, Cameron, is my second shooter on my team and we would love to meet you and document your big day! I am Connecticut based but love any and every excuse to travel! I can't wait to meet you and hear your story!

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