The Smith Family | Clovis, California

Josh, Bri and baby Aris are pretty much the sweetest people around. I’ve known Josh and Bri for about six years now and they are long time friends of my husband, Cameron’s family. Josh is a teacher in the Clovis Unified School District and Bri is an AMAZING hairstylist in Old Town Clovis. Aris is their first little one and they are the type of parents I hope and pray that I am when we have a kid one day. They literally glow when they look at their daughter! Aris is pretty stunning, so I guess I would do the same thing If I got to look at her daily. So much love to you, Smith Family! Keep on shining in the Fresno area and I can’t wait to continue to watch little Aris grow!



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  1. Josh Smith says:

    Thank you so much Mindy! You are incredible at what you do! Thank you for helping us capture this incredible time in our lives.

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