How to Take Beautiful iPhone Photos – 5 Tips and Tricks with Mindy Briar Photography


Perhaps you are a brand or business that needs professional photos, but you may not have the time or the money yet to hire a professional photographer. Sound like yourself? Welp, I’m here to help…keep reading.

I get asked often about how to take better iPhone photos and If there are specific tips and tricks for it. I’m excited to share with you that there indeed are and I’m revealing five of my top tips today for you on this blog post!

How to take better IPhone Photos

Tip#1 – It’s all in the Settings…

How to take better IPhone Photos

Tip#2: Lighting really is everything!

How to take better IPhone Photos

Tip #3: Adjust Exposure to get a brighter or darker photo.

How to take better IPhone Photos

Tip#4: Portrait Mode is great for blurry backgrounds!

How to take better IPhone Photos

Tip#5: Less is more!

How to take better IPhone Photos

Bonus Tip #6: Try out a Tripod!

Here are a few good ones to try out for your iPhone:

How to take better IPhone Photos


But, what about editing?

editing iphone photos

Now that you have beautiful photos to post – it’s time to organize them so that they look cohesive for your brand!

I suggest using Planoly or Plann for your photo calendar management.

How to take better IPhone Photos

Now that you have some easy tips and tricks to edit your iPhone photos, it’s time to get out there and shoot! Have some fun and let me know how it goes in the comments below!

editing iphone photos

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