Classic Travel Essential Luggage with Barrington Gifts

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite classic travel essentials with you, my Belmont Cabin Bag from Barrington Gifts. I can honestly tell you that I take this bag everywhere with me for traveling – it’s sturdy, chic and well made.

Any Chappy Wrap lovers recognize this cute blanket? This is the Herringbone Beige blanket, and I’m not joking when I tell you that I sleep with this blanket every single night. It’s seriously the best blanket I’ve ever owned and It goes everywhere with me because I simply sleep better with it!

I LOVE that Barrington Gifts bags give you the option to fully customize your bag from a multitude of patterns that fit your unique style. Also, you can get them monogrammed which If I had the choice, would have everything of mine monogrammed. lol For those curious, my full name is Melinda (Mindy) Jean Briar. 🙂

It has also has a chic leather shoulder strap and cute luggage tag, so that you can add in your business card and It will always get sent back to its loving owner!

The exterior is made of durable, water-resistant nylon canvas, so your clothes and necessities will stay dry should your luggage get wet for any reason!  Or of course if a little fluffy Cavapoo puppy likes to hop in your luggage, you can rest easy knowing that your luggage is in fact durable and ready for play!

This bag has been a lifesaver this summer and I’ve taken it with me everywhere. Most recently I took it to Cape Cod where we have spent the past week in the RV while the power has been out back home in Connecticut from Hurricane Isaias!

Thankfully, the power is back on and we head home this evening once Cameron is done with work (he’s been remote since COVID-19). Meanwhile you can find Kai, my Cavapoo, and I wrapped up in my Chappy Wrap enjoying the beautiful weather in Cape Cod before we head back home to Connecticut.

Happy Monday and hope you have a beautiful week!


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