My Favorite Striped Romper and Polka Dot Sundress for Summer.

It’s not often that I get lucky enough to get photographed by a fellow photographer other than my hubby! My sweet friend Francesca Dominique and I decided to meet up for lunch and do a shoot in Greenwich a couple weeks ago, and the rainy weather surprisingly held off from pouring until after we left (not always this lucky!). The clouds gave such a cool effect in the photos and I just love the soft colors of the grass with the blues and whites of the outfits. These colors give me LIFE – and I love decorating with them too!

I will never tell you that I’m the person to go to for fashion advice. I’m more your travel guide/photography/Interior Design background friend. But needless to say I do have a sweet love for cute feminine dresses, some pearls and effortless classic American style. Quickly approaching my mid thirties and moving to prep loving Connecticut, I can certainly say that this has made an impact in my home and fashion choices within the past few years. I’ve calmed down on my boho modern loving side and have been finding myself gravitating back to my roots and love for classic fashion. My favorite stores in high school were Anne Taylor, The Loft and American Eagle and then somewhere between junior year and college I discovered punk rock and had my fair share of rock concert t-shirts, ripped jeans and college aged carefree style. Post college it was back to basics and like the rest of CA – we all became obsessed with the California modern/boho style. But the thing is…I don’t live in Cali anymore…and my flip flops and sundresses don’t last all year. The colors are different in New England and the homes are not made of stucco but of wood, shingles and vinyl siding to last through a good winter storm. I invested in good rain boots and a parka…and I’ve never owned so many sweaters in all of my life.

But this post is on SUMMER fashion, and back to that we will go! 🙂 I have always had a thing for stripes and polka dots. It’s cute and fun and It always makes me feel happy when I wear it! This first outfit is the COMFIEST  linen romper from none other than Old Navy! I love linen and oh my goodness does it breathe well! You can find this cutie romp here!


The next outfit is a light weight wrap dress from JCrew. I love how soft the fabric is and I think this one is just perfect for a summer date night, brunch with friends or even a picnic at the beach. You can find this light blue polka dot dress here!

I love summer and I’m just not quite ready for fall (as much as I love it!). All of the homemade ice cream shops being open (for my California readers- these are only open in the fall!), kayaking around lakes, camping trips and beach days are just too much fun! But, I can’t help but look at the trees and notice a soft glow of yellow already peeping through  the leaves…it’s happening and the winter wardrobe will soon need to be switched back out. Though I don’t know if you will see me complaining too much about boots and cute fall scarves! haha For my clients who are reading this I hope you giggled a little when you saw me in your shoes and not behind the camera! 🙂


Cheers friends,



*Photos by: Francesca Dominique Photography

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  1. You are the cutest! Love that dress on you!!!

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