Christmas in Connecticut, The Briar’s Home

I have yet to do a full tour of our home on my blog, but I hope this at least gives you a little peek into our world in Connecticut. We live in a small coastal town that has more fairs and community events than I’ve ever seen. A town green that has a Christmas Tree lighting every year. Sweet shops and a boat filled harbor. Beaches filled with colorful umbrellas from beach goers each summer and tall hay like grass along the seashore. The streets are lined with sweet old New England homes..the kind you imagine when you think of what a town on the East Coast would look like.

For those who are new to my blog (and I apologize that I’ve been absent on here – It’s a New Years resolution for me to write more!), I am from Central California. My husband and I were born and raised there as well as met there. We moved to Connecticut about a year and a half ago for a new job opportunity and honestly to cure the travel bug that we both have. When we started dating, we knew really quick that we wanted some adventure in our lives. Though we had no idea what, where and how. It’s been some of the best years of my life – filled with ALL the emotions that moving across the country would give you.

I’ve been relearning how to make friends (something that I kinda forgot how to do when you’re in the same city forever and a day), how to get around (the first few months I barely left the house with my car – now I’ve made it to Vermont without an accident- woohoo!), how to survive the East Coast winters (we owned zero proper clothes for a snowy winter and had to acquire an entire new wardrobe – hello single digit weather.), how to live in a 200 year old home (though our home was built in 1795, we haven’t had any huge issues yet *crossing fingers*, but we did have to figure out how to deal with a blown out boiler and  two acres of leaves that fall on our property each year. *Side note –  If you do not pick up said leaves, they will kill your grass after the snow melts (hard lesson to learn). We now have a leaf blower…thank you jesus.)*. These are only a few of the the things we have encountered since moving out here, and I can say it’s been a really exciting and growth filled adventure so far.

Now Connecticut (better yet- all of New England) at Christmas is a pretty special place. The towns here are so small, old and charming, that if you add some snow and a Christmas tree you feel like you are transported to another time where Santa may just walk around the corner. I’ve never experienced the holidays quite like it, and I would say if you’re a holiday person – put New England on your list of places to visit.

Now, on to Christmas decorating! I’ve been hoping to minimize the amount of stuff we have in the basement, so this year I decided to go through ALL of our Christmas decor and only keep the items that we really love. It was a daunting task, but a fulfilling task. It also allowed me to make room for a few new items that I found at IKEA (woohoo!).

I hope that you are enjoying the holidays and that it’s filled with lots of warm socks and toasty fires.



I originally had two large chairs here, but once the tree arrived we moved the room around to make room!

Love this Ikea paper cut out. It even lights up!

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  1. Zena says:

    Those are really festive and beautiful pictures.. I love your home and you and Cameron and the doggies look really happy.

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